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Bio-Tech and Modular Cleanrooms

greenix panels bio tech cleanrooms greenix modular cleanrooms

Modular panel designs allow complex floor plans and room configurations to meet your workflow requirements.  Greenix Panels function equally well as exterior and interior walls. The modular design simplifies the engineering of multi-room facilities.  We manufacture panels to specification for use as decontamination structures from small chambers to large building interiors.

Greenix Panels for Cleanroom benefits:

  • Modular, Multi-Room
  • Double Walled
  • Powder Coated
  • Stainless Steel
  • Ease of Construction
  • Freestanding, Relocatable
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Create Aseptic Environments

 Modular, pre-engineered panels allow complex, multi-suite configurations with antechambers, access doors and corridors, and gowning areas.

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