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Design and Plan with SIPs


Design and Plan your SIPs project right from the start!

Why choose a stock plan or new design that will need to be modified later when you can design for SIPs right from the start? SIP Supply has the knowledge and experience you need plus we're the company that gives you cost-cutting "Value Engineering for SIPs."

When building a SIP structure you have many options....

  • What is the best panel system for your overall project?
  • Where do you place your windows, corners, electrical boxes, etc.
  • Designing for proper ventilation and air control, which can vary when using SIPs.
  • How to properly design for HVAC and electrical layouts
  • What's the strongest panel? with the best connection for my Plan?

Value EngineeringThese may appear as minor details in a traditional design process, but in reality these decisions can largely impact many factors involved in a SIP project. At SIP Supply we utilize professionals with over 30 years experience that have designed over 12,000 homes and who have extensive experience designing for SIPs.  We only offer plans that are designed to the current standards, the International Residential Code (IRC) 2006 specifications by the International Code Council.

When planning your next SIP project, remember SIP Supply has the experience and resources to help get your project off the ground and within your budget!

Note: In addition to the benefits of our SIP Houseplan services, we're able to have your plans "Stamped" in almost any state. This may be a requirement from your local building department.



Are your SIP Plans "Value Engineered?"


If your Structural Insulated Panel plans are not "Value-Engineered" then you might be overspending on your project.Project enigneering

What is "Value-Engineering?" This is a service we offer at SIP Supply to review and/or redesign your plan to deliver more value for your project dollars. There are specific design changes when using SIPs such as opening placements, rooflines and structure dimensions, that with some adjustments could in-fact save thousands.

So, the bottom line with "Value Engineering" you can:

  • Reduce the overall cost of manufacturing your SIPs
  • Reduce assembly and installation (labor) costs
  • Present a modified, cost effective streamlined SIP design

Request this option when submitting your project for review and we can discuss in detail how you could benefit from this service.

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