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Greenix Homes SIP kits

With Greenix Structural Insulated Panels, you can build a Greener | Cleaner | Safer | Stronger home.

Greenix Homes aren't any ordinary stick-frame home kit, they are an energy efficient building system! Please take a moment to browse through our SIP Kit home catalog. When you find a kit you are interested in, simple submit a Request for Quote and we'll provide you with exact pricing for your location.

Find out why are customers are now choosing to build their houses with our new steel skinned Greenix® GX Panel:

  • Currently tested as the strongest steel SIP in the market
  • Steel / Steel Strut Connection
  • Seismic Rated / California
  • Florida DCA approved
  • FEMA Tested
  • 155+ mph wind loads
  • 1 Hour Fire Rated
  • Panels available up to 50-foot lengths