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Past Completed Projects

While a number of SIP Supply's projects are confidential or remain classified, we've posted a sampling some completed projects that will provide you with a sampling of our capabilities.  These projects, developed with Greenix Panels, including prototyping, started from concepts and completed with 100% usability.

Please check back for new and completed projects on a regular basis.  For the latest featured SIP projects, visit our SIP Blog  

Contact us if you'd like to have your project featured here.


  • Less Energy Consumption
  • Less Waste in Fabrication
  • Less Waste in Construction
  • No Foam Off-gassing
  • Biodegradable Materials


  • Resists Moisture, Mildew
  • Resistant to Pests
  • Less Maintainance Costs
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Quieter Inside


  • Fire Resistant
  • Tornado Resistant
  • Hurricane Resistant
  • Resistant to Flying Debris
  • Solid Core Walls & Roof


  • Fire: Class-1/A Rating
  • Wind Load to 180 MPH
  • Performs as an I-Beam
  • Blast Resistant
  • Shrapnel Resistant