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Manufacturing Facilities

SIP Supply, LLC is a patent holder for SIP technology and owns the premium Greenix® Panel brand.  We service Residential and Commercial construction and Military and Government entities and have a positive reputation for handling specialty projects.  We have the capabilities to fulfill large volume orders utilizing our network of high-production manufacturing sources in Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, California, Minnesota, Kansas, and Mississippi to provide the most competitive pricing,  yet we are able to remain price comparitive for single dwelling orders.

Factory Locations

SIP Factory Locations


A Commitment to Manufacturing:

  • To produce high performance products which deliver reduced energy consumption and contribute to a marked reduction in carbon emissions
  • To use environmentally responsible manufacturing techniques
  • To recycle a high proportion of manufacturing materials
  • To inform and influence suppliers on the importance of environmental responsibility
  • To continue to develop and refine on-going process of assessment
  • To provide our customers with superior insulating materials, up to 40% more efficient than extruded polystyrene


Greenix Panels are Made in the USA

All Greenix Panels are proudly manufactured in the USA.  If you are considering purchasing polyurethane panels based on price, be sure you are getting an American-made product. 



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