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SIP Supply's Ordering Process for Custom Projects

Step 1 - Getting Started

We’ve developed a simple process in order for us to prepare an initial estimate for you; SIP Supply will require some basic information.  If you are requesting one of our Greenix SIP Kits, you will not have to submit plans to request a Proposal, but include the KIT ID # in your Request for Quote.

Gathering Your Data / Required Proposal Information:

To prepare your estimate, we’ll need to review your building plans. You will be able to do this with our Request a Quote form. You will also be redirected to a page where you can then upload your building plans for review.  Creating “SIP friendly” plans can save time and money on your project. So, if you’ve chosen to buy plans online from a houseplans website they may still need modifications. Pre-planning is a critical step in any construction project, and the more “SIP friendly” your plans are the more accurate your plans are for building with SIPs.  We offer design services for our clients nationwide and you can also select this option under Additional Services on the Request for Quote form.

Plans should be legible and information should include the following...

Full Size Set of Drawings

  • Site location (city, state and zip)
  • Site address (if known) and APN (Parcel Number)
  • Floor plans with dimensions
  • All elevation views (with roof pitches noted)
  • Building section(s) showing wall heights and connection details
  • Electrical and HVAC Details
  • Projected construction date
  • Roof Plan
  • R-Value desired, both wall & roof sections
  • Your county’s building department phone number
  • Snow Load, if applicable
  • Total roof load
  • Total floor load
  • Wind speed
  • Seismic zone
  • Has the project been funded?


At this point, please include and clarify any additional requirements for low voltage lighting, future use electrical or cable boxes, and any other miscellaneous items you may wish to have included in the estimate. For example, windows, interior framing, doors, appliances, roofing material, turn-key package, etc. In addition, if you wish to have us bid the installation of your Greenix® SIP Kit Package, please identify this desire at time of Request.

Customer contact information:

Your current contact information should include customer name, address, primary and alternate phone numbers, email address, contractor (if known) and plan contact for clarification (if different than primary contact information). 

The information you gathered during Step 1 will be used when to complete the Request a Quote form.

Step 2 - Request a Quote / Proposal

We’ll use the drawings you submitted to with standard construction detailing to prepare your Proposal. We’ll contact you if we need any additional information. Upon completion, you’ll be emailed the Proposal for a Greenix® SIP Kit Package.

Upon receipt of your Proposal, you will let us know if you accept the Proposal by signing your acceptance and returning a copy of the document. Congratulations! We can now begin the order process and preparing your Greenix® SIP Kit.

Step 3 - Quote Acceptance / Sales Agreement

Once we receive your signed Proposal, you will then be send a standard Sales Agreement. Please review.

  • Return your signed approval of the Sales Agreement
  • We will give you instructions for a deposit
  • Provide your county’s building department phone number (if not supplied in the initial Quote Request)

A Project Manager will be assigned to your project. We’ll complete production drawings that will allow you to review locations of all electrical, windows, doors etc. You’ll have ample time to request changes to the drawings. We will not move forward with production until you’re completely satisfied. Your Project Manager will be your primary point of contact throughout the remainder of the project.

Step 4 – Drafting and Review

After your acceptance of the Sales Agreement and receipt of your deposit, we’ll begin the drafting process that we include with your production drawings as mentioned above. During this process of drafting and review you’ll need to inspect the drawings and make any changes you desire. Please note, after your written acceptance of the production drawings there will be an additional charge to change any production cuts. The drafting process can take between 2-6 weeks, depending on the detail and quality of your drawings initially provided to us and depending upon the review timeline. The process is as follows:

  • Our panel Engineer prepares the first draft and forwards to you or your representative (contractor, architect, etc.) for review
  • You or your representative thoroughly review the drawings, verify the dimensions, placements, etc. and make any corrections; then return these corrections back to us
  • Our panel Engineer then prepares revised drawings (based on your corrections) and returns revised drawings to you for further review and approval
  • It’s critical to keep the process moving, any delay in approval of production drawings could mean a delay in your production slot at the factory

IMPORTANT! Any design changes after this point will require that a change order be signed to reflect the new scope of work and additional charges may be incurred.

Step 5 - Local Building Engineering

Most building jurisdictions require engineering for building projects. SIP Supply out-sources structural engineering services to registered, professional structural engineers and is performed at an additional expense. We educate these associates in the details of our Greenix® Panel, ensuring that your project is not over-engineered. While structural engineering is an extra cost, our in-house Panel Engineering services are included in the Proposal to you. You are welcome to use your own engineering firm, however if we need to provide consultation services, additional charges may apply.

Step 6 – “Production Drawings” / Final Acceptance

Once drafting and engineering are complete, you’ll be required to sign the final Production Drawings (also referred to as “Shop Drawings”) to begin the production process. These are the final drawings that will be used at the factory to manufacture your Greenix® SIP Kit.

Importance of Signed Final Shop Drawings:

The signed final shop drawings let us know that you have reviewed your drawings (including all revisions) and you agree with them in their final state as these are the Panel drawings you desire and that you authorize SIP Supply to begin with manufacture.

Step 7 - Production

The production process typically runs about 3-4 weeks. In our busy season we can run 6 -8 weeks. Once production begins we’ll provide you with an expected delivery date to your build site. Once the order nears completion, your Project Manager will contact you to verify requested delivery date and other delivery details such as unload time, equipment needed, etc.

A final invoice will be sent to you for any balances due on the order; this will also include freight charges for the shipment. Any changes you’ve made from the original Proposal / Sales Agreement will be adjusted accordingly; otherwise, the Greenix® SIP Kit will be shipped according to the original Proposal /Sales Agreement.

Step 8 - Order Shipment

Unless otherwise requested, shipping is delivered directly to the build site.

Step 9 - Order Delivery

You’ll receive your Greenix® SIP Kit and installation manual with your shipment. This will also include the production drawings that have details and corresponding numbers that match the numbers on your Panels. If we’re not acting as the installer on your project, we’ll always be reachable by phone for advice at no charge.

Step 10 - Follow-up / Featured Project

Shortly after your project completion, your assigned Project Manager will contact you for a follow-up. This is a great time to provide any feedback on the order process, build process, final outcome or any other items you’d like to share. In addition, we’d like to feature your completed home on our website. We’ll include a form that you can complete with before, during and after photos and what you’d like to say about your experience