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Greenix® Modular Building Solutions

If you're looking for ways to improve the flexibility, efficiency and quality of your building construction projects, SIP Supply provides services for custom modular prefabricated shelters for modular building solutions.

Our Custom Modular Shelters using Greenix® GP/M Modular Metal Skin Panels are advanced pre-manufactured modular building components manufactured under climate controlled conditions with the following benefits:

  • A shorter project timeline
  • Non-Lumber options
  • Greater quality control
  • Minimal site disruption
  • Flexible, expandable components
  • Custom solutions built to local codes
  • Less site waste
  • LEED credits
  • Consistent, quality finishing
modular sip panel assembly

Custom Modular Shelters help you minimize the “time cost” of your budget – the faster you can begin to use your buildings. 

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