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Controlled Growing Environments

 greenix sips controlled growing environmentcontrolled growing environment

Greenix Panels are the ideal choice for any Closed Growing Environment (CGE)  agriculture project.  Our panels feature Safety & Security, High Insulation, Ease of Assembly, Air-Tight Seals, Stock and Customizable models. With the features Greenix Panels provide, this makes us your ideal solution for quality controlled greenhouses and Closed Growing Environments projects. 

safe and secure:

  • Structurally Strong                    
  • Fire Resistant
  • Self-Contained Units
  • Storm Resistant
  • Electrical encased in Polyurethane Foam
  • Can meet Client Safety Requirements

insulation and Air-Tight Seals:

  • Energy Efficient, R-40                      
  • UL Listed available
  • Sound Resistant
  • Facilitates Indoor Micro-Climates
  • Facilitates Reduction of Outside Air Exchange
  • Odor Control

ease of use:

  • Stock Models up to 16' x 20'
  • Multiple Foundation Options
  • Custom Sizes Made to Order      
  • Used Indoors or Outdoors
  • Can assemble with as few as 2 laborers
  • Hand-Tool Assembly


  • Build per Owner Specifications
  • Stand Alone or Multi-Units
  • Conduit "foamed" into Panels
  • Electrical Boxes "foamed" into Panels

Specify SIPs for: Controlled Growing Enviroments, Vertical Farming Projects, CGE Greenhouses, Prefabricated Structures and  Insulated Modular Buildings.

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