SIP Supply - Polyurethane Structural Insulated Panels | Greenix Panels

Schools and Institutional Facilities

greenix sips ideal for churches greenix sips cathedral ceilings

Greenix Panels are an ideal choice for your next school or church project. With structural insulated panels no job is too big or too small.

Greenix Panels are ideal for these Projects:

  • Resist Mold & Mildew growth
  • Spec as a Firewall
  • Doubles as a Noise Reducer
  • Many Skin Options for design versatility
  • Highest quality materials
  • Perform well in Disastrous Weather Conditions

Greenix Panels can earn credits to help qualify your project for LEED certification.  Check for more tax rebates & incentives from Federal, State, Local governments and even local utility companies.

Choosing SIP Supply to manufacture your Greenix Panels, you can be assured that we understand your needs, that we know the construction process and we will work with you to see your project to completion.  Specify our SIPs for:  Modular Classrooms, Portables, LEEDs projects...

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