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Retail and Commercial SIP Projects

greenix sips retail building greenix sips office building

Choose SIPs for your next Retail,Commercial or Specialty Project if you want to build fast, build green, and build affordable plus enjoy a return on your investment. For return on investment, SIP commercial structural surpass most due to structural integrity, construction costs and overall evergy savings.

SIP Building Benefits:

  • LEED credits, Energy Star Ratings
  • Fast Build Turnaround
  • Government Tax Incentives
  • Polyurethane Foam deters mold / mildew growth
  • No Formaldehydes, Off-Gassing
  • Maintains indoor comfort level
  • Reduces infiltration of noise
  • Green Building Programs qualifier

Greenix Panels earn credits to help qualify your project for LEED certification and other Greenix Building programs.  Check for more tax rebates & incentives from Federal, State, Local governments and utility companies.

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