SIPs cost less over time

The cost of the SIPs for a 1000-sq.-ft. house built in West Virginia in 2005 was $13,500. That’s more than double the cost of framing lumber and insulation for a like-size house built with stud framing. However, the final project cost was $110,000, so adjusting for a less-expensive HVAC system, the homeowners paid only a 6% premium for SIPs.  With tax breaks ( and reduced heating and cooling loads, SIPs cost less over time with the savings averaged $120 per month. After two years and eight months, the homeowners broke even on their investment. If they live in the home for 10 more years, they will have an overall savings of $14,400. If they put the money back into their mortgage, the 30-year term would be reduced to 20.

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