Greenix Polyurethane vs EPS SIPs

Over the years we’ve had numerous questions regarding the difference in our Greenix Polyurethane vs EPS SIPs Panels.  Below is a comparison chart that points out the differences between the two types. When comparing prices, be sure to include the extra labor/hours required during installation when using EPS Panels, as they require on-site alterations to create the panel connections and routing and framing for the doors, windows and electrical box openings.   We prefer to manufacture panels that are “ready to set” once delivered with no more effort than fitting the panels together.

GP/W Panel EPS Panel
4″ thick R-24.0 N/A
4 1/2″ thick R-28.0 15.0
6 1/2″ thick R-40.0 24.7
Foam Density 2.2 lbs. min 1.0 – 1.5 lbs.
Ready-made Connection Yes Scoop & Spline
Electircal Boxes Installed Yes No
3/4″ conduit Included Chase Only
4″ x 4″ boxes (or other) Included No
Doors & Windows Factory-Cut Included Extra
Windows & Doors Framed Included Extra


GP/W Greenix Panel
No Scooping, No Splines
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