Polyurethane Panels with conduit

Polyurethane Panel showing integrated conduit and electrical boxes
Greenix Panel cut-away

Example of our Greenix Polyurethane Panels

Looking at the example image on the right, you can see how the electrical boxes and conduit are placed inside a Greenix Polyurethane panel. The section underneath shows what the polyurethane panels with conduit will look like after the polyurethane foam is blown into the panel. The electrical components will be completely encased in foam and no air pockets which provides a high insulation value in addition to aiding in fire safety. In the image you below you can see an example of how, when two panels are assembled together, an airtight seal is created.   Also note that the conduit runs inside from one panel to the next in a continuous air-tight system. Our GP/W Wood Panels now have plastic electrical boxes and conduit.  This helps to reduce the weight of the panels and lower shipping costs.  For more information contact us or request a SIP quote

Polyurethane Panel with conduit
Greenix Panels connected

Greenix® Polyurethane Panels are advanced pre-manufactured modular building components that, when assembled, form a complete structural/thermal exterior building shell. These structural building components are used in the construction industry for residential shelters, commercial projects and by the military for day-to-day and specialized applications. Selecting Greenix® Panels from SIP Supply as an alternative framing/insulation solution for your building project brings several benefits, such as building simplicity, quality, speed of assembly, and reduced maintenance.

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