The Livable Pod studio pod trend is Here!

A Livable Pod is small studio pod space living with multiple uses and great features

studio pod by livable podsBefore the small living space trend of Tiny houses, if you had told me that we would have a tiny house trend across the nation, I would have found it hard to believe. I would instantly thought that no one is going to live in a 150 square foot space much less pull them from state to state while doing so. Well,  we now know that affordable living matches small studio pod living designs and more notably affordable designs with all the features of large designs. Now you can set your eyes on timely models for Livable Pods at The 240 expandable Studio Pod for example . Take your time and browse the model studio pods and make the best use of energy efficient affordable living.  “We’ll design the perfect space for you and add the finest details of luxury, and you end up with a truly unique habitat.”

Live in affordable style within the natural outdoor environment and still enjoy modern pod found at



Give yourself a break and enjoy watching the stars from this open outdoor design, featuring Jeld-Wen folding doors and windows and exterior finishes to match your surroundings. Enjoy your morning coffee while viewing the smooth redwood interior or enjoy it on the deck. Continue to work or spend the rest of your day relaxing and enjoying the tranquility that Livable Pods deliver. You can easily create any studio pod environment from work space, exercise rooms, to senior living, We can’t think of a better way to be build affordable living space with the natural environment and still enjoy modern luxuries. View the backyard studio Models at

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