Greenix SIPs Basement Walls- Question: Do you make SIPs for basements?

Here’s a question that came in last week…. asking is we make SIPs basement walls for use in residential home building and this is my reply…

Q: Do you make SIPs basement walls

Thanks for your interest and the questions about our Greenix Panels and SIPs basement walls.  It all depends on what the application is when using SIPs as basements walls.

If you’re looking for a SIP basement wall that can be installed and back-filled without any other products being applied then we would not have a basement SIP application for this use.

If you want to use a OSB/OSB type panel and apply exterior waterproofing before back-filling then the answer is “Yes”.  However,  in this application you need to use a 6.5 inch polyurethane foam core panel with a T&G connection. (Also include a proper Drainage System)

Another application that some of our clients have used is this:

Build the basement walls with block, poured concrete or ICFs and then insulate the inside with SIPs. If you do it this way, you can use either OSB/OSB SIPs or you can use our Greenix GP/W Metal SIP Panel Cam-lock system.  If you install this metal panel system it would be best to install your drywall ceiling before installing the wall panels.  This way,  if you ever have a problem with water intrusion from the main basement wall, you could easily dismantle the metal panel system to dry out or repair as needed.

Please keep mind that water will not come through the polyurethane foam core.  Make sure that whatever wall system you use,  it has the proper drainage system to accommodate the wall assembly. (You do not want to trap the water in the wall assembly.)

Also note:  Think about the above points especially if you plan to use any SIP product as Main Load Bearing basement walls.

SIPs have been around for 60 years, just in the last few years have contractors, developers, and architects used them underground.  What I’m getting at is this:  The industry has only seen the underground applications of SIPs for a few years. I’ve seen no testing reports of this application, nor do I think there has been any completed.  If you use the application of underground assembly, we cannot apply any warranty to the products used.  Above ground…. you’ll have the structural integrity and permanence that Greenix Panels are known for.

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