Q.) Why do we use a polyurethane panel rather than polystyrene?

A.) Simply put, we feel that by delivering Polyurethane (PUR) as a polyurethane panel, we are delivering a better SIP product. Please read why we feel this way at Foam Core Comparison.

Greenix Panels:

  • Polyurethane Core
    We use top of the line , Class 1 (PUR) Polyurethane foam that doesn’t fuel a fire, compared to foam like EPS that melts
  • Factory Fabricated
    Greenix Panels are cut to the exact plan with in-factory quality control
  • Electrical Boxes and Chases Included
    All Electrical Boxes & Conduit are pre-installed at the factory, no job-site cutting necessary!
  • Doors and Windows Pre-Cut
    All Door & Window openings are cut & framed in the factory, no ‘scooping’ necessary!
  • Highest R-Values
    Compared to R-11 for 2×4 Stick Frame and R-14 for 4″ EPS SIP, our 4″ Greenix Panel comes in at an impressive R-24

Lear more about the advantages of Polyurethane Panels

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