SIP Supply - Polyurethane Structural Insulated Panels | Greenix Panels

Financial Advantages

Cost comparisons have shown that building with Greenix Panels is no more expensive than traditional building techniques when the following factors are taken into consideration:

Reduced Cost of Land

A Greenix Panel SIP Plan can be designed to utilize attic space, thus creating additional living area which results in a smaller footprint.  Example: A three bedroom house can be turned into a five bedroom house on the same size lot.

Reduced Cost of Foundation

A Greenix Panel structure created a lighter building envelope than brick or block and therefore could allow for a reduced foundation design.

Reduced Cost of Loss through Damage or Theft

The elements which make up a SIPs structure are generally very large and robust and are therefore inherently unlikely to be damaged or stolen from the jobsite. A significant percentage of traditional building materials are either lost, damaged or stolen from jobsites. The speed of build and the nature of Greenix Panels virtually eliminates this problem.

Reduced Cost of Labor

A Greenix Panel structure simplifies the process of construction and can reduce construction time by up to 60%. Once the foundations have been completed, a Greenix Panels pre-engineered structure arrives at the jobsite and within weeks can become a weather-tight structural shell ready for windows, doors, services and internal and external finishes. The nature of Greenix Panels provides a completed unit that also reduces installation steps and so reduces the eventual cost of multiple inspections.

Reduced Cost of Waste Disposal

A Greenix Panel structure is pre-engineered off-site to avoid both the additional labor and the ever increasing cost of the safe disposal of waste materials.

Reduced Jobsite Costs

A faster build program will reduce the overall cost of project management, and in turn will also reduce the cost of hiring scaffolding, plant, safety and security equipment and temporary accommodations.

Reduced Heating Costs

The unbeatable insulating qualities of Greenix Panels allow a much smaller heating system, with combined with a mechanical ventilation system to be installed. This will permanently reduce heating bills by up to 60% over the lifetime of the building when compared with traditional methods of construction.

Quicker Return on Investment

Building a Greenix Panel structure can radically increase the speed of construction, providing a quicker return on investment. This allows the capital to be used on the next project when it would otherwise still be tied up on a traditional build. A significant gain can be made over a period of time maximizing the return on the initial investment and maintaining a positive cash flow.

Better Resale Value

Greenix Panel houses are attractive to future buyers and occupants, due to the reduced utility costs and the many other benefits that a Greenix Panel house provides.