Q.) Why are Greenix SlPs stronger?

A.) Greenix Panels are a structural composite acting like an I-beam. The skins act like the flanges and the rigid core is similar to the web. In short, the three components work together, rather than against one another. The composite assembly yields stiffness, strength, and predictable responses to loads. Greenix Panels have an integral tongue and groove system for joining panels together that also helps carry the structural load. SIPs resist both compressive forces from above and buckling and warping forces from the sides. SIP Supply tests to the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) E72-04 “Standard Test Methods of Conducting Strength Tests of Panels for Building Construction” for compression, transverse, and racking loads. Depending on the type of structural test being administered, SIPs range between two and seven times stronger than traditional framing.

Not only do test results show the panels are stronger, but real-life natural disasters have proven it. The great Hanshin (Kobe, Japan) and North Ridge earthquakes, Hurricane Andrew, a Colorado tornado, a Portland gas explosion, and an Omaha fire, have done more to prove SIP strength to homeowners, architects, and builders than all the scientific tests.

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