Is a Stressed-Skin Panel a SIP?

This is one of the most abused terms in common use in the panel industry. If the Stressed-Skin Panel does not contain insulation it could not be correctly referred to as a Structural Insulated Panel but only as a Structural Panel SP. If it were insulated with fiberglass or foam it could be correctly referred to as a SIP. This term has also seen many confusing variations such as: Stresskin, Stresskinned, Stress Skin, Stress Skinned. These terms are commonly used interchangeably and could lead to a problem if the customer orders a Stressed-Skin Panel and the building inspector approves the use of Stressed-Skin Panel and what arrives is a Sandwich Panel SIP as defined now in the IRC. Or worse, if a Sandwich Panel is expected and a Stressed Skin Panel arrives with no insulation.

Answer: No in most cases, but yes in some.

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