Greenix Structural Insulated Panels are the preferred choice

Structural insulated panels, in recent times,  have become more common when it comes to building and construction. SIPs are insulated panel construction systems that consist of preferably polyurethane foam insulation between sheets of structural sheathing. This panel forms an incredibly strong insulated panel for building walls, floors and roofs for SIP homes and commercial buildings.  These SIPs have the ability to withstand racking, flexing as well as shear weight pressure. When properly designed and built, the structural insulated panels have the potential to manage seismic forces and high winds.

Benefits of Building with Greenix Structural Insulated Panels

When it comes to building, a lot of homebuilders and first-time owner-builders prefer using panels because they are energy saving, strong, and include built- in electrical boxes and conduit.  Other benefits of using Greenix structural Insulated panels include:

SIPs have Design Flexibility thus enable one to easily create creative designs without imitations of conventional materials.

– Panels offer additional warm living area in the roof by getting rid of conventional trusses and this in turn provides extra 25% of floor space with no additional costs.

– SIPs panels provide thinner wall thickness compared to other normal walls and at the same time, offer better insulation values and greater internal space which means a reduction of energy costs up to 60%. The panels also have structural superiority.

– SIPs have a lot of construction benefits which is an advantage for a builder. The fabricated and precut panels reduce the installation time by 60%. The building process is also carried out with less labor and supervision. Using of specialized tools is not required and working around the budget is easy.

Greenix SIPs are Easily Customized

Building with Greenix structural insulated panels is the best option because it is easy to customize the panels. Polyurethane SIP manufacturers offer fabricated panels with the complexity that a home owner wants.  The panels are engineered to present architectural framing, insulation in a sturdy (one-piece component) and exterior sheathing. The primary design principle of structural insulated panels is attractive in its simplicity and at the same time, delivers various advantages for wall and roof construction. The panel’s stiff exterior skins produce structural durability similar to the I-beam across the length and breadth.

These structural insulated panels diversity has led many producers to come up with unique variants of SIPs panels, which include high end panels with polyurethane core and SIPs panels with vertical joints connectors.  Thanks to Greenix SIPs, many homeowners and first time builders have found structural insulated panels very beneficial and the ultimate material to use for home construction because they can customize their homes to get exactly what they desire and receive benefits not found with traditional framing methods.

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