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  • Training Units
    Training Units Location: Camp LeJeune, North Carolina
    Project: Forward Operating Base
    Panels: Greenix GP/M Custom Panels
    Details: Installed by MIL-Spec Group
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    Go with Greenix! Not all SIPs are created equal!
    Greenix Panels are a Polyurethane Core Panel delivering extra strength and High Insulation Values...
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    SIP Kit Homes All the Benefits - in One Complete Package!
    Superior strength, high insulation values, affordable panel homes from Greenix Homes
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  • Blast Panels
    Blast Panels Location: Quantico, Virginia
    Project: USMC Training Structures
    Panels: Greenix Custom Panels
    Details: Replace old Structures
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  • Rebuild  with SIPs
    Rebuild with SIPs Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
    Project: Shotgun style home
    Panels: Greenix GP/W Wood SIPs
    Details: Exterior assembled in 3 days.
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Greenix® GX Panel

The GX Panel was designed to become the most efficient and universally viable structural building material available. The GX Panel is a state-of-the-art, advanced building system whose features and benefits will outnumber other traditional building material, regardless of cost. The Panel system incorporates disaster resistant strength, and superior resistance to mold, mildew, fungus, fire, moisture and insects, while maintaining recyclability and ease of use.

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  • Panel Thickness: 3' 1/2" and 5"
  • R-values: R25+ and R40
  • Panel Width: 2'
  • Panel Length/Height: Continous Run
  • Skins: Galvalume, 26 & 28 Ga.
  • Core: Polyurethane Foam, Non-CFC Class-1/A
  • Connection: 20 Ga. Steel Strut

    Superior Production Speed

    GX Panels are manufactured in a continuous production process. Because of enhanced production speeds, we are capable of producing over 17,000 square feet of top quality panels in a single eight-hour shift. Because of our unique panel design, construction personnel enjoy superior ease of use and increased assembly speed on site.

    GX Panel Fabricating Line


    GX Panels have these standout features

    • High Density Polyurethane Core
    • Steel / Steel Strut Connection
    • Seismic Rated / California
    • Florida DCA approved
    • FEMA Tested
    • 155+ mph wind loads
    • Fire Rated
    • Green Building Programs, LEED, etc.
    • Continuous Production Process, Volume Producer
    • Span & Load Capabilities, Structural Strength

    Whether the application is industrial, commercial, residential, institutional, stackable, scalable, portable, or modular, selecting GX Panels for your project can help achieve those goals.

    Greenix Panels Greenix Panels

    The Best Panel for your Project...

    The superior alternative framing/insulation solution for your building project that provides substantial benefits... Greenix Panels are Greener | Cleaner | Safer | Stronger....

    Greenix Panels are Greener SIPs Greener

    Environmentally Friendly

    Reduced Energy Consumption | Less Fabrication Waste | Less Construction Waste | No Foam Off-gassing |  Biodegradable Materials  |  Energy Star Product  |  Earns LEED Credits

    Greenix Panels are a Cleaner SIP Cleaner

    Enjoy a Cleaner Environment

    Resists Moisture & Mildew | Resistant to Pests | Less Maintainance Costs | Improved Indoor Air Quality | Quieter Inside

    Greenix Panels are the Safer SIP Safer

    Added Safety Benefits

    Fire Resistant  |  Tornado Resistant  |  Hurricane Resistant  |  Resistant to Flying Debris  |  Solid Core Walls & Roof

    Greenix Panels are the Stronger SIP Stronger

    Lab Tested, Customer Approved

    Fire: Class-1/A Rating  |  Wind Load to 180 MPH  |  Performs as an I-Beam Matrix  |  Used in Military Applications  |  Blast Resistant