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  • The Panel Leader
    The Panel Leader Quality Panels, Volume Pricing, Multiple Factory Locations and Great Customer Service make SIP Supply the smart choice for any Project.
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  • Training Units
    Training Units Location: Camp LeJeune, North Carolina
    Project: Forward Operating Base
    Panels: Greenix GP/M Custom Panels
    Details: Installed by MIL-Spec Group
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  • Go with Greenix!
    Go with Greenix! Not all SIPs are created equal!
    Greenix Panels are a Polyurethane Core Panel delivering extra strength and High Insulation Values...
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  • SIP Kit Homes
    SIP Kit Homes All the Benefits - in One Complete Package!
    Superior strength, high insulation values, affordable panel homes from Greenix Homes
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  • Blast Panels
    Blast Panels Location: Quantico, Virginia
    Project: USMC Training Structures
    Panels: Greenix Custom Panels
    Details: Replace old Structures
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  • Rebuild  with SIPs
    Rebuild with SIPs Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
    Project: Shotgun style home
    Panels: Greenix GP/W Wood SIPs
    Details: Exterior assembled in 3 days.
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Greenix Panels Greenix Panels

The Best Panel for your Project...

The superior alternative framing/insulation solution for your building project that provides substantial benefits... Greenix Panels are Greener | Cleaner | Safer | Stronger....

Greenix Panels are Greener SIPs Greener

Environmentally Friendly

Reduced Energy Consumption | Less Fabrication Waste | Less Construction Waste | No Foam Off-gassing |  Biodegradable Materials  |  Energy Star Product  |  Earns LEED Credits

Greenix Panels are a Cleaner SIP Cleaner

Enjoy a Cleaner Environment

Resists Moisture & Mildew | Resistant to Pests | Less Maintainance Costs | Improved Indoor Air Quality | Quieter Inside

Greenix Panels are the Safer SIP Safer

Added Safety Benefits

Fire Resistant  |  Tornado Resistant  |  Hurricane Resistant  |  Resistant to Flying Debris  |  Solid Core Walls & Roof

Greenix Panels are the Stronger SIP Stronger

Lab Tested, Customer Approved

Fire: Class-1/A Rating  |  Wind Load to 180 MPH  |  Performs as an I-Beam Matrix  |  Used in Military Applications  |  Blast Resistant